Community members have commented on the announcement telling that this project only seeks to generate growth for a specific coin by reducing the BCH suggested, which comes spil a particular decision to manipulate the auténtico price of the coin te the market.

Today on Altcoins This Week wij comment on the latest announcement made by OKEX putting a zekering on ERC20 token deposits, IOTA harassment allegations and more.

Bitmain Will Burn 12% Of BCH Transaction Fees

Bitmain , one of the largest mining hardware manufacturers, announced their project to burn 12% of the Bitcoin Specie (BCH) fees generated for transactions within the AntPool, Bitmain’s fattest mining pool. The announcement established that the fees generated were being sent to a black slot for them to be burnt, which will support the entire cryptocurrency.

Albeit Bitmain makes assurances that the BCH te question will be ruined, the announcement references miners sharing revenue with the entire BCH network, which is confusing. Bitmain also commented on how this will strengthen the network and improve the economy of BCH while permitting continuous growth for the cryptocurrency.

AntPool, the pool that Bitmain has for miners, has a superior place ter the crypto mining business. Community members have commented on the announcement telling that this project only seeks to generate growth for a specific coin by reducing the BCH suggested, which comes spil a particular decision to manipulate the verdadero price of the coin ter the market.

CheapAir Plans On Switching To BitPay

CheapAir , an online webstek for hotels and flights and long-time supporter of cryptocurrencies, just released an open letterteken asking customers about their opinion on switching from Coinbase to BitPay . CheapAir has accepted Bitcoin (BTC) for flight and hotel bookings since 2013. The letterteken comes ter response to the announcement made by Coinbase back ter March that merchants would no longer support “custodial” solutions for merchants and would liquidate a number of instruments and features forcing them to migrate to a fresh podium named Coinbase Commerce.

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Coinbase Commerce , the newest service suggested by the company, enables merchants to accept numerous cryptocurrencies directly into a user-controlled wallet. This will permit integration into a merchant’s checkout flow, or addition spil a payment option on an e-commerce podium and will accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Metselspecie (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Te the open letterteken, CEO of CheapAir, Jeff Klee, announced their plans to accept extra digital currencies like Bitcoin Contant (BCH), Dash, and Litecoin (LTC) and to support this with a dedicated customer service team. This team will have a deeper understanding of digital currencies and the automation of certain processes to refund money quickly, or generate a BTC invoice for bookings made overheen phone or email. He goes on to explain how Coinbase wasgoed used to exchange crypto to fiat to pay airlines and hotels but with the latest switches made they are now switching to BitPay. Unluckily, BitPay does not support non-payment protocol wallets (wallets that aren’t BIP-70 compliant), so customers will need a compatible wallet to be able to use crypto spil a payment method. Due to this complication, Jeff Klee is now asking customers about their thoughts on how to treat the difficult transition.

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Harassment Allegations Against IOTA Team

The Financial Times news webpagina published an article commenting on allegations made by several people against IOTA. Te the article it wasgoed established that several team members of IOTA have threatened critics of the project. The investigation held by the Financial Times led to the conclusion that IOTA has bot intimidating people, even with physical harm.

The IOTA team has made several comments against individuals or news sites who have criticized the project ter any form, including a tweet against TheNextWeb where IOTA blacklisted the webpagina and cancelled any prior arrangements due to “deliberate defamation”. It seems like IOTA does not take criticism very well and is willing to go out of their way to prevent it from happening. IOTA’s team has commented on a duo of those allegations implying that there wasgoed no form of intimidation when approaching certain individuals te regards to comments made.

OKEX Puts A Zekering On ERC20 Deposits

OKEX, a major Huis Kong cryptocurrency exchange, just announced the suspension of all ERC20 token deposits on the exchange after discovering a fresh clever contract bug named “BatchOverFlow”. Through the bug, attackers could generate an enormously large amount of tokens and deposit them into a frecuente address, making them inerme to price manipulation.

After discovering the kwestie, OKEX suspended all deposits of the ERC20 tokens until the bug wasgoed immobilized. The punt comes just after MyEtherWallet wasgoed hacked, exposing gegevens and funds of users who logged into the webpagina within the hours the DNS wasgoed affected. The exchange has contacted the token teams affected to conduct a zindelijk investigation and take whatever measures are necessary.

A Bright Week For Altcoins

Last week, the Altcoins market improved along the lines of Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) began the week at $500 and continued to go up from there. By Saturday it reached the $600 mark and closed on Sunday just above $630. Ripple (XRP) embarked the week at 0.65c and gained 28 cents by Saturday, closing the week at $0.88 cents. Bitcoin Contant (BCH) opened the week at $750 and went all the way up to $1,000 by Friday, continued to grow and closed at $1,230 on Sunday, almost doubling its price ter a week. Litecoin (LTC) embarked off at $125 and closed around $149. Spil of today, the market has slipped down a bit with only Bitcoin Specie displaying a constant growth, very likely originated by the announcement of Bitmain searing BCH to perhaps inflating the price.

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