Launches Airdropping Campaign for TIO Holders has announced the upcoming launch of an ongoing airdropping campaign like no other – it could lead to holders receiving hundreds of altcoins, just for holding TIO tokens.

CEO of Jim Preissler commented:

“We are permanently looking for ways to add value to the practice of our loyal community and TIO holders. Wij feel that an ongoing airdrop of this enormity is the ideal way to both thank our community for their loyalty plus to assist fresh high potential ICOs ter accessing our informed and ambitious community.”

All TIO Owners With More than 2500 TIO Tokens Eligible

TIO holders are automatically qualified, meaning no extra signups for token users. Users that hold overheen 2500 TIO ter their wallet are eligible. Ongoing snapshots during the campaign are taken to take into consideration balanceo switches from deposits or withdrawals.

TIO holders can also benefit from the vetted ICOs, and receive bonuses for client token sales that can’t be found anywhere else. This could range from preferential treatment, higher discounts, or anything that client token sales wish to opoffering.

The airdrops will permit holders to potentially obtain hundreds of different altcoins, spil the airdropping campaign will distribute tokens from high potential token sales.

All token sales eligible for airdropping have bot vetted by’s consulting team for compliance with AML processes, technical viability and longevity, before being considered spil high potential projects.

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Win-Win Situation, More Than 50 ICOs Confirmed Already

Token sales that have already passed TIO’s vetting process includes TV-TWO, Watchdog, INGOT Coin, DarcMatter, spil well spil ZeroEdge. aims to airdrop spil many spil Two million tokens or more vanaf each verified sale to TIO holders. Another 50 token sales have begun communication with the trading toneel, which could lead to 100 million available coins for airdropping for TIO holders.

This leads to TIO value enlargening spil request te the long term. TIO holders have an chance to at the same time increase and diversify their portfolio through thesis airdrops.

“This airdrop is a win-win situation for all company stakeholders. The Altstem Coins from from our upcoming ICOs will also be airdropped into our liquidity pool, which will benefit all of its participants.”

Users can purchase TIO tokens from numerous exchanges: OKEX, Bancor, GateIO, TIDEX, KuCOIN, HitBTC, spil well spil IDEX.’s own exchange is scheduled to launch te the following weeks, with the lowest fees ter the industry.

All details pertaining to each airdrop will be issued by the client upon final launch of the airdrop program. Announcements will be made te’s Telegram channel spil well.

To learn more about Trade , and sign up for their toneel, visit their webstek. To talk with fellow traders and team members, check out their Telegram channel . To learn more about the team working on the toneel, visit their LinkedIn pagina. Go after their Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay updated on any developments that occur.

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