Binance Delists Centra (CTR) Token

After a day of thinking overheen, the Binance exchange determined on an instantaneous delisting of Centra (CTR) trading pairs. The project, which wasgoed targeted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for fraud, wasgoed eliminated from Kucoin a day earlier.

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Binance Delists Centra (CTR) Token

OKEx has also delisted the asset, and other exchanges are eyeing next to zero volumes. Yet sometimes, even defunct assets have a 2nd life – such spil BitConnect, which is now used ter purely speculative, low-volume paris on TradeSatoshi, a niche exchange with unknown capabilities and a relatively low reputation. BCC tokens now slide below $0.50, after commanding prices of above $400.

Curiously, the enormously risky CTR asset eyed one last moerbout of trading on Binance, doubling ter price overnight to $0.12. Trading is virtually zero on other markets, thus ensuring that CTR will instantly become a defunct digital asset with zero value. This is also the case of defunct ICO Confido, which sees virtually frozen trading and has no chance of revival. Binance remained the only exchange ter the past day permitting some CTR activity.

Curiously, Centra wasgoed supposed to present at the Deconomy forum ter Seoul, which is observing most large projects gathered to increase their visibility and present their ideas. Until the very last, the project updated on its progress, and even released a beta version wallet.

And while other projects and hacks have caused fatter losses ter terms of Ethereum, exploiting ICOs is seen spil potentially hurting a funding resource for good projects. Yet scam ICOs proceed, usually marketing themselves under the radar of the crypto community.

Binance Login Issues

Te addition to the Centra fallout, Binance merienda again frightened the markets by blocking logins for a brief time yesterday. Since the exchange has gained large influence, the event may have caused the makeshift downturn of prices, pushing Bitcoin down below $7,000 again.

Login issues now resolved. If you repeatedly attempted to loom te previously, you may still practice some issues, please create a support toegangsbewijs if this is the case.

The punt wasgoed resolved, but all exchange troubles are causing worries. At the uur, the market recoveries tend to be fragile, and bad news is further depleting mainstream trust ter crypto coins.

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