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Network of collective information security

LevelNet is an informational security network where connected users exchange information about IT security incidents (viruses and any other pc threats) detected on their device. Information exchange happens te auténtico time with other members connected to the network to prevent further attacks of malicious software. Device threat detection is done by monitoring the response of alien protection systems installed on the user device. Protection system response is analyzed by the client program and other means of analysis, located both on the users device and outside, on other knots ter the Network.

About LevelNet

LevelNet integrates virtually all existing anti-virus technologies into one elementary, user-friendly application. This distributed system enables participants to share threat gegevens globally and ter existente time, permitting for the entire system to become much smarter, much quicker, than any single security cybersecurity provider can today. LevelNet signi cantly boosts the capabilities of any user installed anti-virus program. If a user does not have any security applications installed, LevelNet can take advantage of its distributed network toneelpodium and act spil a self-standing application.

Today&rsquo,s cybersecurity solutions are limited. Spil one of the main providers nds a threat, it will often take signi cant time for that skill to be distributed to the total system. Fresh malware takes advantage of this window of time to infect the greatest number of devices. LevelNet creates an integrated, general, and instantly responsive system to zekering more malware earlier than it wasgoed heretofore possible.


Rated on May 28,

A very good team and set of advisors leading a project with a clear and solid vision. An interesting white paper is ter place spil well, I look forward to observing how the development goes!

Rated on Apr 12,

Rated on Apr 28,

Rated on Apr 23,

Rated on Apr 12,

no functional product.

&quot, free distribution for up to Two years&quot,

I do not see a clearly defined value propostion or ROI to investors.

The idea that this token (roadmap) will be listed on an exchange inwards of the current quarter or even within a year is very unlikely.

I do not believe this to be a good investment.

Because you are the representative of the media investor.I consider it significant to convey to society its position.

I hope wij could coax you otherwise. I will make a geschreven extract from the our dialogue:

Wij conducted a dialogue with you around the ROI and value proposition of the LevelNet project, a functional product.

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Value proposition capable of attracting millions of users

Our prototype based estimations showcase that LevelNet threat detection rate could be significantly higher than that of any standalone existing anti-virus software. Yet most of the users will get LevelNet free or for at least 50 times less than paid annual anti-virus license (for example: $ 50 Kaspersky vs. $ 0.99 LevelNet premium version)

LevelNet via its real-time cyber-threat omzichtig system provides preventive network perimeter protection. Preventive protection is a crucial problem te cyber-security. This is the area where all current systems are lagging behind

Wij project to provide a private application program interface (API) for corporations to upload and check files with our gegevens pulvínulo spil well spil the System Development Kolenkit (SDK) to customize LevelNet to be used by corporations with extensive intranet and large number of on-line customers . Even when a freemium business proefje is implemented wij still expect ¾ of LevelNet customers to use LevelNet for free

Two.1 Fin proefje (https://levelnet.co/docs/fm.xlsx)

Two.Two ES https://levelnet.co/docs/es_en.pdf (1 pagina)

1. For short-term positions (up to one year), it is possible to exchange tokens of the very first phase of LVL for tokens of the 2nd phase of LVLS at the exchange price

Two. For a long-term position (from a year), it is an chance to get a share ter the fund (at the expense of wielding LVLS), whose purpose is to aggregate a fragmented market and to receive a passive income.

Three. Injecting the product, both for corporative subscription and for private

Unluckily, you refused to test the product.

Discuss the business specimen and free distribution unluckily you could not allocate time

Rated on Apr 28,

Good to see the idea and prototype.

Rated on Apr 24,

Experienced and strong team, the product is up-to-date. The project has every chance to succeed

Rated on Apr Three,

Rated on May 6,

Rated on Mar 31,

Rated on Apr 9,

Te my opinion, stage &quot,Finalized Specification for the development&quot, – is absolutely not enough for ICO.

Rated on Apr 15,

The product that wasgoed patented, and is backed by a team with solid practice, has a good chance to switch the current security market that is very fragmented, with it’s fresh collective decentralised specimen.

Rated on Apr 9,

Rated on Apr 16,

Rated on Apr 29,

I like the look of this project, would like to see more on the product side of things.

Rated on Apr 23,

Rated on Apr Legal,

Rated on May 8,

Personally I believe that the project could improve its industry market with the power of blockchain, let’s see ter the next future how it will be implemented.

Rated on Apr 11,

Ter my opinion this product is able to switch situation with security kwestie that exist now. It has potential to merge cyber security market te the future.

Rated on Apr 15,

1. Team is OK, obviously has enough practice and skill.

Two. Targeted market is very promising.

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Three. Competition and CAC are both high.

Four. Tokenomics doesn’t look very promising for the ICO investor. It is OK from the unspoiled utility token perspectives, but doesn’t have a strong potential for token price growth.

Five. There are some concerns about the privacy and the coetáneo system show.

A.Two. Wij located the project financials, and wij honestly praise the LevelNet team to for displaying them to public. While there are some demonstrable concerns about the sales projections and the sustainability and stress resistance.

A.Trio. The one sad thing to mention, is that there wasgoed no consideration given to the ICO and the tokenization effects ter the provided financials. Projected sales and the negative contant flow projections are both work spil negative factors for the token price te the 3-12 months period.

A.Four. The flagrante spectacle of the system, is a concern due to it’s operational complexity for clients and infrastructure requirements. There show up to be some bottlenecks ter vormgeving, which may mean, that the idea is either too early for the market or, on the contrary is attempting, to combine older product parts (such spil dedicated end-point apps) with some hip buzzwords just to make such older tech a modern look.

DISCLAIMER:That’s a very broad explanation of our concern (and that’s the best wij can do given the information form the public domain), and I myself by no mean is a security accomplished (there is a White Hat subcontractor for this), so it shall be considered more a result of the process analysis, the system analysis and verkeersknelpunt analysis, rather than a security audit outcome.

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