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Complicated process, low comes back.

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Copyright violated by giants monopoly

Lack protection of players’ rente

Security risk of the server

Players and CP teams work together to create value and come back to value creation.

TOP competitive toneel more efficient and fair podium.

Supuesto property right to become a supuesto digital assets and can be traded.

TOPCHAIN establishes a translucent and fair universal ledger for the gaming ecosystem.

Long-term holders of fresh incentives will receive extra prizes.

Spel developers will build up efficient docking and more traffic and value added.

Players are essential for both playing and making money.

Topchain Community Topchain Community is a decentralized gaming community that is the foundation of the entire topchain spel ecosystem.

Topchain Overeenstemming The establishment of the topchain overeenstemming needs to initiate voting to all knots to raise a certain number of topchain tokens. Decentralized topchain overeenstemming makes the spel lighter on the go and will prevent third parties to dilute the value of the products.

Mining Miming will bring token to the players, different from the traditional mining workload´╝îTopchain mining not only assure the entertainment essence of the spel but also establishes a mechanism of the participation proof.

Remodeling player value Topchain permits players to invest, making decision, promote and consume, thus become the vooraanstaande force ter the gaming industry.

Value R&D inputs Topchain offers an express channel to players for spel developers. It effectively protect the brand copyright and increases the number of users and improves the quality of the product with large numbers of users join the community.

The embodiment of toneel value Spil a bridge inbetween the user community and R&D team, the value of the topchain brand is to reshaping the gaming industry, where everyone can win te numerous ways trough decentralized technology.

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Through topchain community, high quality spel, multi-user topchain overeenstemming mechanism and it’s cross-game, cross-regional, cross-chain, cross-platform features, will display the world a community that has deep interaction and roping inbetween the games and players.

While player get prizes from the spel, the overeenstemming principles of the toneel will protect players’ rights, Spel developers can not only benefit from waiver of the intermediate cost but also access to a large number of high-quality users.

Thousands games ter the world

Connect general players

Create world-class spel community

Token Name: Topchaincoin (TOPC)

TOPC is the key medium of exchange within the Topchain ecosystem

50% token of the total mining token te the very first year,25% token of the total mining token te the following year, and 12.5% token of total mining token te the third year then cut by half each following year.

Token will come from mining through games.

The Greeks, economists, have many years of practice ter finance and trade, founded a number of companies, has a broad range of influence ter Europe.

Hypergrowth Consulting CEO, a graduate of the University of Frankfurt, has recognized MANDRILL MEDIAceo and has provided resources for several corporate funds dedicated to guiding the business development and innovation ter the area of blockchain.

Blockchain technology developers, good at language and framework to build. It is very accesible with all kinds of overeenstemming algorithms such spil PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Paxos and Raft, and has participated te the current open source projects.

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