Trader Threatened to Commit Suicide at Okex Office

The OKEx exchange wasgoed again te the zoeklicht this Friday. Very first, information wasgoed received about questionable operations with bitcoin futures, and zometeen it wasgoed added that a trader whose position, estimated at several million dollars, wasgoed eliminated, threatened to commit suicide ter gevelbreedte of the company’s office, claiming that the liquidation wasgoed made illegally. This is reported by News BTC.

According to Coin Panda on Twitter, spil a result of operations on the exchange, the Chinese trader lost about $ Ten million ter bitcoins. The liquidation wasgoed caused by a 30-40% druppel of the bitcoin futures price for a brief time. Traders, which don’t use zekering order daily weren’t ready for this.

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According to Coin Panda, a man who does not agree with this policy, came to the OKEx office with a bottle of dichlorophos, and promised to drink it. Whether he made any requests is unknown.

OKEx has not yet commented on the situation, but earlier the company acknowledged the fact of manipulating the price of futures and promised to roll back all transactions until the very first suspicious application wasgoed placed.

The announcement claims that the programme is intended to “nurture a fresh generation of digital asset exchanges”. To establish a fresh crypto exchange, interested parties have to provide OKEx with a domain name, logo, and specialties of the management team. They are assured to wield “solid industry practice, quest for service excellence, and strong industry influence.”

Applicants should also deposit 500,000 OKB tokens into their accounts. This equals around $Two.Five million at the present rate, according to OKB is a utility token that were very first sold te March of this year ter packages of up to 100, each costing $100. They can be applied to lodge transaction fees on the exchange and traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

The applicants will get access to OKEx’s fitting system (which linksom up buy and sell orders), cold and hot wallets (offline and online cryptocurrency storage), clearing system (which treats money transfer), client support system, and know-your-customer and anti-laundering systems. They will also get support from the OKEx technical team.

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100 places are suggested by the programme ter its very first phase. It is anticipated to begin ter July. The announcement also points out the setup that the fresh exchanges vereiste have. They will develop their own native tokens, and distribute them spil goes after:

  • 25 procent to themselves,
  • 24 procent to OKB holders,
  • and 51 procent to be mined.

OKEx explains the mechanisms by which the tokens will be mined/released. The term white label wasgoed firstly invented te the music industry – a white label vinyl record wasgoed a release so fresh that it had not yet bot labelled, a much sought-after thing. Presently it cites to a service or product manufactured by one company and sold to another for re-sale under a different brand name.

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