Here is Why Stellar (XLM) Cryptocurrency is So Hot Today

Stellar (XLM) is having a excellent run. By facilitating the quick and efficient transfer of value from one party to the next, the cryptocurrency is making financial transactions lighter for banks, institutions and individuals too. Based on Blockchain technology, the altcoin is quickly gaining traction and fame among investors, traders and enthusiasts. Trading under the name Lumens (XLM), Stellar presently has a value of $0.428016 . The altcoin maintained a constant price right through the latest cryptocurrencies crash. There are various reasons for this. Detect some of them below.

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Overheen the last few weeks, Stellar has proven that it is indeed a cryptocurrency which is worth your investment. The altcoin has seen a double-digit increase ter value since the beginning of the year. This puts it way ahead of other major cryptocurrencies which slightly inched forward. Trading spil Stellar Lumens (XLM), this cryptocurrency has shown the world how Blockchain technology can be used ter value transfer.

Since it permits for multi-currency payments, the altcoin is popular across borders. Traders and speculators look upon this cryptocurrency favourably. Therefore, Stellar is expected to rise te . A number of factors have compounded overtime to give the cryptocurrency its current, high value. Top of the list is this lucrative listing.

Stellar Lumens Chart of the week

Stellar listed te OKEx trading toneelpodium

Stellar cryptocurrency wasgoed recently listed te the OKEx exchange te Hong Kong. The exchange is presently the fifth largest ter terms of trading volume. OKEx indicated that they would be listing Stellar on December 28th, . This led to a wave of rente from investors and traders. It also embarked a rise ter show for the altcoin whose effects are being felt today.

24 hours after getting listed te OKEx, a total of $1.Four million wasgoed transferred te trades involving Stellar (XLM) and other major cryptocurrencies. The amount slok up after traders returned from the holidays and got ter on the act. It also led to rente from mainstream companies which sought to rail the Stellar wave.

Stellar playmates with Pundi X payment processing rigid

Pundi X is a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution for cryptocurrencies. Based ter Jakarta, Indonesia, it caters to retail stores and individual consumers. Late ter , the hard announced that it had made a strategic partnership with Stellar.

Te the overeenkomst, Pundi X would utilize the Blockchain network provided by Stellar to make it lighter and swifter for its clients to transfer the Indonesian Rupiah from one party to the other. The funds would be transferred across borders lightly and at much lower costs. Furthermore, the Stellar Lumens (XLM) would be added into their POS system for commerce using the token.

After the overeenkomst, Pundi X became the credit issuer treating any deposits transformed from XLM to the Indonesian Rupiah and vice versa. This talent the cryptocurrency some beneficial exposure te South East Asia. Spil a result of the news, interested parties te the region stocked up on Stellar Lumens and propped up the price leading to its current, high value. Another company which demonstrated exceptional rente ter the cryptocurrency wasgoed IBM. It wasgoed the slok te the arm that Stellar needed.

IBM accomplishes cross-border payments using Stellar’s Blockchain toneel

After partnering with Stellar altcoin, IBM successfully performed cross-border value transfers featuring unique currencies of South Pacific countries. The giant rekentuig company developed a unique toneelpodium ter conjunction with Stellar that uses the Lumens (XLM) and transferred value te two major currencies. They are the British Pound and Fijian Dollars.

The toneel is ter its early stages. However, it will be scaled up to include a total of seven currencies including the Australian Dollar, Tonga Pa’anga and the Fresh Zealand Dollar. The Stellar Lumens acts spil a bridge inbetween thesis currencies. Individuals making the transactions get to love instant value transfer at rock-bottom costs. Thanks to thesis qualities, the partnership inbetween IBM and Stellar te this initiative will be beneficial to consumers spil well spil the firms involved.

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Soon after the breakthrough news wasgoed announced, Stellar leapt ter value. Watching spil IBM is still working on the project with this altcoin, there are long-term benefits for its price. This is excellent news for investors who hold some Stellar Lumens te their e-Wallets.

Analysts, investors, critics and traders agree that Stellar is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies today. Not only has it sustained value, the partnerships that it made a duo of months ago are still reaping benefits for the altcoin. Some of thesis have bot described above and you can be sure that many more are trussed to come. Therefore, if you have some Stellar Lumens, don’t sell just yet. If you don’t, get online and buy some!

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