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Lisk has brought some good news and a bad news to the crypto community. LSK managed to acquire a fresh listing while getting the automated failsafe system activated, which means that there wasgoed a bug detected ter the system. Due to this misfortunate event, the CEO of Lisk, Max Kordek, has explained the origin of this bug by publishing a postbode on Reddit, which brought some peace to the holders of LSK who had their transactions stopped during the process of the automated failsafe system.

Lisk: Transactions Stopped Due to a Bug

Somewhere at the beginning of June Two nd , the automated failsafe system wasgoed activated spil there wasgoed a bug detected ter the system.

The bug is said to be advanced and unique, while rather a infrequent form of edge-case faulty te the system, which resulted with all transactions that were being processed at the given ogenblik, to zekering indefinitely and instantly.

The automated failsafe system is integrated into the LSK network te order to keep the system safe and it is designed to be activated at merienda and instantaneously upon the detection of any suspicious activity on Lisk chain.

However, there is a sign of centralization ter the mentioned system since it is a fact that the system that is built to make all operations zekering at merienda on the Lisk network is one of the factors present te centralized ecosystems rather than te decentralized, which is the main determining ejecutor of almost every blockchain-based project.

So, while some crypto enthusiasts consider that this automated process made to shut the network down can ter a way harm the decentralized nature of the LSK ecosystem. Max Kordek, the CEO of Lisk, claims that this system can only protect Lisk and its users, while there won&rsquo,t be any sign of harm ter the system.

Thesis systems are considered to bring centralization to the already decentralized ecosystem, however, thesis types of protocols have proven to be a good way of protecting blockchain-based networks, while not affecting its decentralized nature ter its core.

The Automated Failsafe System Freezes Lisk

On June Two nd , when the bug wasgoed detected te the system, all operations were due to zekering spil the automated failsafe system wasgoed automatically brought into act.

To bring a closure to all the LSK holders and the crypto community, the CEO of Lisk, Max Kordek, went forward with publishing a thread on Reddit that wasgoed due to explain the nature of the detected bug.

Spil all transactions that were being processed at the time when the bug wasgoed detected were stopped because of the automated failsafe system, the mentioned transactions froze te order to protect the system alongside with dictating the safety for LSK holders and users.

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Kordek explained that the bug they have found wasgoed very zonderling, so the system wasn&rsquo,t able to recognize the transaction that had the bug built ter, spil a faulty transaction that it actually wasgoed.

That is how the Lisk system went on processing the transaction albeit the given transaction wasn&rsquo,t valid, so the automated failsafe system acted merienda the transaction wasgoed recognized spil malicious.

It is still not certain whether the bug wasgoed integrated with the project to attack the network or maybe even targeted holders, however, Kordek stated that the network is now fully operational.

To neutralize the bad news of having one faulty transaction make valid transactions zekering with the process while being piled up on the system of Lisk, on June Two nd there wasgoed some excellent news released about Lisk getting a fresh listing.

Lisk now Tradable on OKEx

OKEx stands for one of the most promising exchange platforms ter the crypto market, mostly due to its handy investing devices for professional investors, alongside with the available secure wallet and vault for listed coins and tokens.

OKEx announced the upcoming listing on June Two nd , adding three trading pairs for LSK, which means that Lisk can be traded with USD, ETH, and BTC.

The market for Lisk should be opened on June Four th , while the withdrawals will be made possible on June Five th . LSK announced the same news on June Three rd with sharing the news ter an official tweet postbode.

Lisk is following up with the most latest market trend, which means that wij can see LSK rising up against the dollar.

After the latest switch te the market, LSK has gone up by 7.26% against the dollar, which means that this asset can be traded at the price of Ten.12$ vanaf one unit.

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