Request Network project update (January 5th, 2018)-Release of the JS library, on the road to…

Very first of all, best wishes for ! This year, wij hope to see the number of users evolve nicely, and are excited about our next milestones.

Overheen the last Two weeks, the growth of our community wasgoed extraordinaire. Wij see it spil our responsibility to make sure everyone understands Request the same way. That’s why wij want to encourage our earliest volgers and those who are very knowledgeable about Request to play an educative role and help others understand the details of our project. We’d also be very appreciative of thoughtful Reddit posts that help educating others about Request.

To recall: The Request protocol aims to formalize financial flows on the blockchain by setting the standard for payments, invoicing, accounting, and auditing ter cryptocurrencies, so that crypto-enthusiasts can invoice, get paid, and get their salary te crypto.

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Here are some of the best resources to learn more about Request:

Below a few announcements.

Release of the JS library

Wij are very glad to release the JS library to permit everyone to build on top of Request. The repository wasgoed already published without any official communication or documentation, and wij are now adding all the information and support that is needed to develop on top of Request. Here is the requestNetwork.js project and documentation:

Spil shown te our Tech mind schrijfmap, the possibilities to build on top of Request are numerous. For the future builders of the ecosystem: here is an introduction to the Request Network protocol. It gathers the necessary information to build and innovate on Request.

Te addition, if you are building a decentralized on-chain application, wij documented the brainy contracts here.

Ter our last project update, wij introduced the Request Hub and opened a Slack for those who want to be part of the Request builders. Around 150 people have joined the Slack so far. Spil the documentation is available now, wij project to expand the Request Hub progressively.

Below are some examples of projects/applications already created by the community:

Fresh exchange listing

The REQ token is now tradable on OKEx, a general cryptocurrency exchange based te Hong Kong.

Whitepaper translations

The Vietnamese version of our whitepaper is ready. It will soon be available on the webstek. Other translations are te progress, feel free to email us at if you want to contribute.

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On the road to Request Good Wall

Now that the fresh year has begun, we’re headed towards the Request Excellent Wall, which is an significant milestone te our roadmap spil it is the mainnet release of Request.

Request Fine Wall is made of five significant poles.

Very first, it is the mainnet release of our product.

The management of other cryptocurrencies is the 2nd foundation of this quarter. This means you can create, send, and pay a request not only ter ETH but also te BTC and any other ERC-20 token. (More details on the upcoming features and functionalities te this postbode

Then, wij will launch the ‘Pay with Request’ project, an online button suggesting an alternative to the traditional Pay with Paypal and Pay with credit card.

Security and quality are significant to us. Wij will make sure that there are some qualitative outer audits of the Request contracts before releasing the main features.

Eventually, this quarter will also be the one where we’ll work on potential and significant partnerships with accounting, payment, and audit firms.

Our two main goals for

While our main concentrate te the end of wasgoed development, wij begin the fresh year with two main objectives ter mind:

  • release the mainnet version of our product
  • create and grow the ecosystem

The team wishes you a healthy and glad Fresh Year from Singapore, where wij recently moved into our fresh offices. will be an arousing year, utter of challenges and fresh opportunities both for us and Request builders from our community. Wij aim to supply the roadmap spil planned for !

Spil a side note, the Gnosis Olympia bet to grow our Reddit community from Ten,000 to Legitimate,000 readers ter 14 days has bot passed lightly spil we’ve reached more than 23,000 readers today!

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