With OKEx, where overheen 50% of crypto exchange originates from Asian market, people with such skill sets are pivotal.

Getting access to Asia and traversing cultural gap

Today is the day Asian market opens to the SunContract. Wij are proud to announce that the SunContract token SNC is getting listed on the famous OKEx exchange.

A 100 different trading pairs, daily volume of 1,Five billion USD

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to integral traders by using blockchain technology. Founded te 2014, OKEx has gained millions of dollars worth of investments from Corporate Giants like VenturesLab (co-founded by Tim Draper), Ceyuan Ventures, Qianhe Haber Management, eLong Inc., Longling Renta (founded by the Chairman of Meitu) and Giant Network Group. OKEx is also one of the top digital asset exchanges ter the world te trading volume, serving overheen 20 million customers te overheen 100 countries. Its BTC futures trade also has almost $1.5B of volume daily, and is widely recognized spil the gold standard for the industry.

Perhaps the most significant thing for the success of SunContract te Asia — besides the fact SNC got listed on OKEx — is our agreement with them to engage te a full-fledged promotion of SNC token and SunContract ter Asia via their extensive and well-established social media channels. Sincerely, it is difficult to overstate the importance of SNC making its way to the demographically largest and presently most vibrant world market with support of such a massive player spil OKEx.

Being listed on one of the top five crypto exchanges, is an essential part of SunContract’s long-term business strategy. Our key team member and also one of our advisors are not only Asian themselves — their references make them flawless to treat the integration of an Asian market into the SunContract story.

Ter addition to their business abilities, it is also their understanding of Asian culture along with an intimate skill of regional financial entities like OKEx, that define thesis SunContract team members. With OKEx, where overheen 50% of crypto exchange originates from Asian market, people with such skill sets are pivotal.

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Fresh challenges, fresh responsibilities

Asia is a priority for SunContract’s long term strategy and OKEx is just one of the endeavors wij have our eye on ter the region. We’ve already mentioned wij had an in-depth talk with the fattest providers of mining hardware. SunContract’s largest fucking partner company SONCE is providing investors with a power-generating equipment and warmth pump system. At this same location, cryptomining has the possibility to take place. And a vibrant Asian market with sufficient technological skill, spil well spil propicio work costs, may very well be the place where wij supply the hardware from.

This good leap te terms of total magnitude of SNC also brings fresh responsibilities and fresh challenges. Ter spite of the internet and solid airline connections, Asia and Slovenia are still rather far chic. Wij need a trusted and a reliable particular fucking partner for our operations to work sleekly. Also, wij need a playmate who is responsive and a team player. European and Asian markets are very interconnected, but when you are cracking fresh ground te any field — let alone one that is spil fresh spil the joining of blockchain technology and with an idea of a P2P Energy Market — distance and a lack of well paved paths (ter terms of business vrouwen) are still a challenge.

Most of the SunContract team are Slovenes, the advisers, the managers, the analysts and the engineers. Thus, our Asian co-workers are a good help. For a company such spil SunContract, traversing cultural differences can sometimes be a challenge spil is getting general with all the paperwork and regulations surrounding the importing of equipment from Asia to EU.

With mutual benefit on both sides, wij are sure wij will soon be able to reap fine prizes ter Asia, spil well spil plant the seeds of P2P Energy Market te the land of the Crimson Dragon.

Available trading pairs on OKEx exchange are:

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