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Reinventing the ways through which cryptocurrencies budge around the world

Payment services are usually characterized by technical complexities and bureaucracy. So there is a desperate need to build a channel permitting people to transfer money—and even cryptocurrencies—with a plain click ter a very secured environment. That is where Worldcore comes into play because it brings a payment system using innovative blockchain capabilities.

Worldcore—a hybrid payment system for building a secure financial tomorrow

By bringing the best features of online payment systems, card payment getaways, and banks, Wordcore offers revolutionary financial services for all those who want to love accomplish freedom of financial activities. Wordcore’s solutions are developed and implemented on the voet of brainy contracts and blockchains.

Spil a reliable digital financial solution provider, Wordcore is on the vuurlijn line of integrating natural financial products te the evolving blockchain sector. Because of its innovative treatment to fintech and the crypto world, Worldcore has made headlines by earning the title of “Best Fintech Newcomer” by Business News Europe te . Spil a playmate of BitPay, Worldcore has switched the way cryptocurrency-based withdrawals are done worldwide. The company’s product line includes the following:

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  • Payment account for canap transfers
  • Worldcore prepaid debit card
  • Worldcore prepaid supuesto card
  • Mass (batch) payments
  • PayAnyCard (Card loading with cryptocurrencies)
  • Brainy invoicing
  • Checkout for merchants (SCI)
  • API for automated payouts
  • Miscellaneous solutions for the crypto community
  • Affiliate programs

Worldcore ICO—the actual details

For coming in the blockchain world and cryptocurrency landscape, Worldcore has introduced an ICO—WRC token. Other details and key points of the ICO are given below.

  • Date: October Two, (presale)/October 14, (crowdsale)
  • Token price: 0.Ten USD
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens
  • Prize paid: 30% of annual profit
  • Payable date: March 31 of each year
  • All unsold tokens will be ruined

Distribution of the tokens

  • Te total, Three procent of the tokens are reserved for different bounties.
  • Additionally, Ten procent of the tokens are being earmarked for the team.
  • The surplus of 87 procent are made available for sale.

So, ter brief, Worldcore tokens are a superb digital asset spil they are based on the fintech industry—the fastest growing sector of the world.

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