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OKEx offers a volume-based maker-taker toverfee schedule. Wij calculate your trading volume every day and adjust your fees according to the chart below:

Token Loan Service – Rente Rate

Remarks:Rente commences to accrue spil soon spil tokens are borrowed. It will proceed to accrue every 24 hours (no rente will be accrued for that day if less than 24 hours).Unpaid rente will be compounded every 15 days.

Available Loan Amount

The available loan amount can be 2X of your account vaivén of the trading pair, or the maximum loan amount listed above, depending on which value is smaller.

For example:

1.User A has 400,000 USDT te his BTC/USDT account. 2X of his movimiento is 800,000 USDT. Therefore, the available loan amount is 600,000 USDT (max loan amount).

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Two.User B has 200,000 USDT te hier BTC/USDT account. 2X of hier recuento is 400,000 UDST. Therefore, the available loan amount is 400,000 USDT.

Remarks:The maximum loan amount is calculated separately ter different trading pairs. Even if you have borrowed 600,000 USDT te the BTC/USDT trading pair, you can still borrow another 600,000 USDT ter the XRP/USDT trading pair.To minimize your risk, wij also consider other factors when calculating your available loan amount. The final amount should be the value stated te the borrowing pagina.

Market maker program

Aside from tiered-volume fees discount, our market maker program specifically prizes traders who intend to provide consistent liquidity and competitive bid-ask spread.Merienda the market maker application is successful, it will be effective from 00:00 the next day. To become a market maker, you need your tier higher than Lv2 or your total spot account oscilación greater than 100BTC omschrijving.You can get reserve toverfee rebate if the token team participates ter our market maker reserve rebate program.

Note that spil a Market Maker, your accounts liquidity index vereiste meet the ondergrens requirement (Rank1) at all times. Otherwise, your account will be downgraded to standard account without toverfee reimbursement. A fresh application will be needed to become a Market Maker again.

Measurement of Market Maker Spectacle Liquidity Multiplier The rationale of having a liquidity multiplier spil a coefficient on computing the liquidity index is to prize the maker orders posted spil near spil the best bid/offerande and thus waterput lesser weight on the resting market depth posted far from the top of the book. It’s a necessary component on measuring spil well spil incentivize market maker to provide quality liquidity that eventually resulting a better market structure. The computation of liquidity multiplier adopts the following principles:

  1. The multiplier is weighted scoring system on the order size placed on the book – the closer to the top of the book, the higher of the allocated weights.
  2. The multiplier would ONLY consider the resting orders posted 30% from the current best bid and opoffering price of the market.
  3. Formulae on liquidity multiplier = Quoted Amount * Last Trade Price * [1- six pack(Quoted Price / Last Trade Price -1) * weighted parameter] * User’s Contribution Ratio * BTC Value to Colchoneta Currency.
  4. Ter this case, users’ quoting price would be adjusted by comparing the last trade price with a weighted parameter defined by our system. Hence, more distant from the top of the book, fatter discount applies on quoting price.
  5. The above outcome would be multiplied by the current contribution ratio, which is computed spil a comparison on Users’ aggregated posted orders vs. Total aggregated posted orders ter effective range. Ter that case, if you contribute a thicker liquidity to the order book of the particular token pair, you would have earned a better multiplier and hence liking more rebates. This is particular useful if you determine the make market for token which has lesser liquidity.
  6. Eventually, wij translate the outcomes te BTC value for the calculation of liquidity index.

Liquidity Index

  1. Liquidity Index is a snapshotted value on a fixed-time interval recording your quoted liquidity on the book from 00:00 (UTC +8).
  2. Each token pairs would earn a unique liquidity index. Te that case, if you make market for numerous pairs, you would likely to receive rebate at numerous rate according to the respective liquidity index of each pair. Be noted that there is a ondergrens value on liquidity index.
  3. Formula: Liquidity Index = Liquidity multiplier / User’s Best Bid-Ask Spread.
  4. User’s Best Bid-Ask Spread is a value of users’ posted bid-ask spread relative to last trade price.
  5. Sum all liquidity multiplier on a single-side and take the smaller value spil the numerator.
  6. You have to maintain the obligation of being a market maker by providing consistent liquidity to the orderbook overheen 50% of time te order to be eligible for a rebate on maker fees.

Extra Clarification

  1. The algorithm of liquidity multiplier and liquidity index shall be subjected to switch overheen time according to the market situation.
  2. Market maker rebate is a reimbursement from the maker toverfee charged of your current eligible toverfee tiers. Therefore, if you are presently a Lv5 account te which are paying 0.11% spil a maker, at the same time you are very active market maker on QTUM/BTC and achieved a Rank5 on liquidity index, you would only need pay 0.055% on all packed maker order on QTUM/BTC.
  3. Market maker voorstelling report would be available on a daily voet which would illustrate the token pair(s) you had traded, liquidity index derived by your yesterday’s market making activities, spil well spil the rebated % and amounts.

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Example: User A’s GAS/USDT market making summary,the latest price is 100

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