It should also give rise to further Energy-saving behavior.

Partnership announced the same week spil Energy Mine launch promoted with OKEx, the world’s largest exchange

London &ndash, Energi Mine, the blockchain toneel rewarding EnergiTokens (ETK) Energy-saving behavior, and Simply EV, a leading provider of EV accessories today, announced a partnership. The partnership will enable those with ETK to spend their money on electrical voertuig power cables and fittings, spil well spil earning ETK by means of a prize scheme at Simply EV.

The relationship will enable Simply EV customers to join the Energy mining community and use the ETK tokens. Thesis signs can be earned by the Energy Mine toneelpodium, rewarding people for Energy-saving behavior: from the purchase of electrical vehicles, to the use of Energy-efficient devices. Te the same way spil prizes and loyalty schemes, ETK can also be acquired by customers by purchasing certain goods from a growing list of suppliers. Te fact, one of the deeds that a customer can earn ETK is to buy Simply EV products.

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Simply EV sells electrified voertuig loading equipment directly to consumers &ndash, rather than by the voertuig manufacturers themselves. So, whatever the consumer’s electrical vehicles, they will be able to find a multiplicity of loading equipment on their webstek, The charge cables ter particular opoffering an industry five year warranty.

Conor Thomas, Managing Director of Simply EV, said: “By making a partnership with Energy Mine and joining their circle of playmates, wij create a true community for our customers . Our customers have determined to invest ter sustainable wegtransport and reduce their doorslag footprint, the better to prize them than to bring them into the ecosystem of the Energy Mine, to offerande their prizes and to the other companies that use the Energy- Mine coined. “

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This is one of many latest partnerships announced by the Energy Mine, including others with the Energy Management Association who will see the toneel tested on Network Riel, spil well spil a recently announced partnership with FuzeX which is one step Further use at the checkout when goods are bought personally. Te forming such partnerships, Energy Mine is a community of Energy-conscious businesses that will accept and assist ter the distribution of EnergyTokens.

Omar Rahim, CEO of the Energy Mine, said: “Part of our vision at the Energy Mine is to create a community of equal businesses that all attempt to doorslag emissions reduce and sustainability. With this partnership, wij now make consumers part of the ecosystem by providing them a way to benefit from financial prizes for their Energy-conscious decisions. It should also give rise to further Energy-saving behavior. “

This partnership comes from the background of latest research that has shown that the UK remains ter terms of providing infrastructure for the charging of electrical vehicles &ndash, spil the rate of absorption of electrified cars is the installation of the charging points of vehicles exceeded.

Following the successful launch of its prize program, Energie Mine offers EnergiTokens (ETK) and $ 20,000 prize money to ETH when you open an account with the world’s largest crypto exchange, OKEx, simply by the deposit 1 ETH. The very first Trio,000 people to loom te to OKEx will receive this verbinding EnergiTokens (ETK), with the very first 1000 people

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