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By OriginTrail implementing GS1 standards ter a blockchain powered gegevens exchange, any company needing to adhere to industry broad standards for their products will have a butt-plug N play solution that will not only track and verify but imprint immutable gegevens on the blockchain that they can share with customers and suppliers every step of the way.

GS1 Standards are the collective language businesses use to sell, grow, remain competitive, and even reinvent themselves. They permit you to lightly identify, manage, and share product gegevens with your trading playmates, supply chains, and customers to streamline operations, cut costs, and produce richer, more satisfying customer practices.

More than 300,000 members across 25 industries turn to GS1 US for help with improving operations, addressing industry challenges, and positioning their businesses to react to switching market conditions by leveraging GS1 Standards.

The general language of business

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GS1 Standards provide a common language and help to create seamless work processes that permit businesses to identify, capture, and share information the same way all overheen the world.

Through the power of GS1 Standards, organizations can use accurate, sturdy information that makes it possible for the right product to be te the right place at the right time spil well spil permit consumers to find the products they are looking for.

Think of GS1 Standards spil a product’s gegevens “DNA”—the building block for connecting an voorwerp with all the information about it. From that foundation, petite to large companies are building even better ways to do business. For example, GS1 Standards enable:

  • Consumers to go after the food they eat—from the farm to the table
  • A shopper to access detailed product information from their mobile device
  • Companies to save through greater product and voorwerp visibility te their supply chain

GS1 Standards at-a-glance: identify, capture, share

IdentifyThesis are the numbers behind the barcodes. Used te both the physical and digital worlds, GS1 identification numbers uniquely distinguish products, logistics units, locations, assets, documents, and relationships across the supply chain—from the manufacturer to the consumer.

CaptureGS1 barcodes can hold gegevens about a product or voorwerp. Different barcodes have different purposes depending on where they will be scanned and what types of gegevens they need to hold.

ShareGS1 has standards for sharing product and location information electronically, eliminating the need for manual re-keying and improving accuracy and efficiency ter business communications.

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Tomaž Levak, Co-Founder & CEO of OriginTrail,explained the importance of blockchain-based technologies for supply chains : “Over five years of solving interoperability challenges te complicated supply chains, wij found that the most successful and quickest implementations don’t interfere with legacy IT systems or switch processes te organizations. Instead of coming up with entirely fresh propositions to interoperability challenges, businesses appreciate solving them by relying on available widely adopted standards. For thesis reasons, OriginTrail made full-integration with GS1 standards from the very beginning a top priority and considers them spil one of the most significant piles for the quicker adoption of the protocol. Closer cooperation with GS1 Slovenia will give us an even better chance to ensure that all gegevens exchanges are done ter the most optimal way and a chance to take a more active role te the GS1 ecosystem by sharing our practice from the field.”

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